maandag 6 juni 2011

the path to nowhere

that lead nowhere

captivated, follower of dreams

the day has come up, follow the sun

you went around the world
ended up the same place
where you were coming from.

why the journey ?
why not stay ?

vrijdag 28 januari 2011

open up
the old scars

realize that
they were illusions

leading you to


something that opened

up like
a red rose in the snow


woensdag 22 december 2010


Life without emotions.
What grace would that be.
No tears, no laughter, no pain from the heart.

Life without emotions,
how honest, how true, how clear would that be.
Everything like a cristal, clean, no blurrs any more.

No need for poetry if truth can be calculated.
No need for love if you can see everything in numbers.

no chaos any more
each and every step as beautiful as clear as a number.


It is winter in Holland
cold snowcrystals fall gently on the ground
my body feels tired
and wishes only to sleep and never wake up.
My heart feels broken, frozen, beaten, betrayed.
The world, seems uncaring, hard and distant.

If life was just this I would be ok with it
I would celebrate the coldness,
hang cristals around my neck, sharpen them
into diamonds. All the broken glasses
would shimmer in the night of my heart.

But it is, that love
that still burns inside me
she is the one who melts all the cristals
and tells me that love is stronger then the cold.
She is the one who tells me that I can not be happy
with my cristals and my broken glasses.
Her light shows me my real face,
that actually I am only half of who I am here.
She is the one who makes me feel alone.
when she wispers, hugs me, send me kisses to my heart.

So that when I wake up in the snow,
I feel dead, because she melted me
leaving me all naked to the snow.